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Mel-able antlers is a family run company in Norfolk, UK. We provide dog chews sourced from naturally cast antlers collected in our deer park.

Antlers are a 'bone'. They are hard wearing, tasty and a good source of natural minerals; the ideal dog treat or dog toy.

Combined with a great flavour and strong durability antlers encourage mental stimulation for your dog, help to clean teeth and are good value for money - even the most frequent and powerful chewers will not make much of a dent to our antler dog chew!

Our Antler dog chews are 100% natural and prepped by hand by our family team: collected, cut to size, quality checked to remove all sharp points and washed in pure water before sending out to you - a sustainably sourced dog treat with no chemicals and no additives. 

Dogs absolutely love the antlers and you will love them too - a dog treat that is odourless, long lasting and leaves very little mess!

We stock chews from 75g - 375g, in this case one size does not fit all, so please check our measurements on the products page. Just like our pets, antlers can vary in shape, size and colour, this is nothing to worry about, it is evidence that our antlers are all natural.


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