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Everything you may wish to know...

Where do our antler chews come from

We source the antlers from our family-run estate in Norfolk. Chews are cut from the naturally shed antlers of Red and Fallow Deer. Our deer are free to roam a 200 acre park and are checked twice daily. 

Which size?

Antlers are available for any size dog. We stock antlers ranging from 35g up to 375g.

Petite chew  35g - 70g

Small chew  71g - 95g

Medium chew 96g - 145g

Large chew  146g - 249g

XL chew 250g - 350g

Giant chew 375g+

If you do not see the size or product you are looking for on our website please feel free to drop us an email - we are more than happy to accommodate. 

Why choose antlers?

  • 100% natural product - containing no 'nasties' and no artificial additives.

  • No weight gain

  • Contains minerals

  • Long lasting

  • Low odour

  • Minimal mess

  • Will keep your dog entertained for hours!

Are antler chews safe for my dog?

  • All care has been taken to remove sharp edge

  • All chews have been washed in pure water

  • It is important to supervise pets whilst chewing any treat

  • Always ensure fresh drinking water is available for your pet

  • Replace worn antlers to avoid risk of swallowing

  • Some dogs will naturally chew more than others, if your dog is a 'relentless chewer' it might be an idea to monitor the time spent with an antler and use only as a treat

  • Keep away from children

Why does my antler chew look different?

Antlers are a 100% natural product, therefore they may vary in size, shape, colour and durability. Antlers can also vary in taste and smell, so do not be alarmed if your dog 'goes mad for' one antler chew but ignores another!

What is a 'split antler chew'?

A split antler means that we have cut through the middle of the antler to reveal the soft inner. These are ideal for dogs who have a very soft mouth, younger dogs and smaller breeds. They are lighter in weight and therefore cheaper. However, please be aware that they are not 'long-lasting' and larger breeds or dogs who like to chew relentlessly will not benefit from the split chews.

Is any harm caused to the Deer?

No - the male deer (stags) naturally drop their antlers once a year. We collect these antlers lying on the ground. Our deer roam a 200 acre deer park and lead a happy life!

Can i purchase whole antlers?

Yes - please drop us an email to discuss what you are looking for. Price will depend on the size of the antler(s) and shipping costs.

Other products available

Mounted Heads - we have a small stock of these which are not available to purchase through our website, please contact us for information.

Taxidermy Heads - we have a small collection of Red Stag heads available for purchase, please contact us for more information.

Stick making - if you would like to purchase a section of antler for stick making we have varying shapes and sizes so please drop us an email

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