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Antler Chew SMALL

Antler Chew SMALL


71-95g (approximate weights)


Antlers may vary in size, shape, weight and colour - this is due to it being a 100% natural product. Therefore the product you receive may look different to the product pictured here.


The small antler chew would be suitable for smaller dog breeds such as a Dachshund, Jack Russel, Cavapoo, Miniature Schnauzer


Sizes available: Petite, Small, Medium, Large, Giant

  • Why choose our antler chew?

    • All care has been taken to remove any sharp edges
    • Ensure fresh drinking water is available to your pet at all times
    • Supervise your pet whilst chewing any treat
    • Replace worn antlers to avoid any risk of swallowing
    • If your pet is an agressive chewer please limit the time with the Antler Chew to prevent damage to teeth, we cannot take responsibility for any accidental damage to teeth, gums or the health of your dog whilst using our chews.
  • Why choose our antler chew?

    • 100% natural product - no 'nasties'
    • Low odour, no mess!
    • A no weight-gain treat
    • Antlers are naturally shed - no harm or distress is casued to the Stag
    • All antler chews are hand prepared by us and checked for quality
    • Our deer have a wonderful quality of life roaming a medieval deer park
    • Support small - we are a small family run business!
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